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West Covina California Workers Compensation Lawyer

West Covina California Workers Compensation Lawyer

What can a West Covina California Workers Compensation Lawyer offer you as an injured worker? If you are injured at work, you should be claiming benefits under your employer’s workers’ compensation policy. To do so, ask your employer for a DWC-1 Claim Form, complete your portion, and instruct your employer to complete their portion. Once the form is complete, get a copy from your employer and demand that a copy be sent to the company’s California workers compensation insurance carrier. If medical treatment is requested, it should be provided and authorized within 24 hours. Emergency services should also be provided if necessary. And $10,000.00 in medical treatment should be authorized until the claim is either denied or accepted, no exceptions.

If you have reported an injury or accident at work and have not received the above, or are afraid of reporting a health condition you believe is caused by your job duties, it is time to get in contact with an experienced workers compensation lawyer for help. A lawyer will add the knowledge of the process and confidence that you need to assert your rights within a complex and litigious workers compensation system. Without help, it is possible to lose important procedural rights and therefore lose out on valuable compensation and needed medical care. When this happens, the employee faces the greater risk of being unable to support themselves and their family while they recover. Or worse, they might not receive needed medical attention, which could lead to not being able to perform their job and earn a livelihood. This is why it is strongly encouraged to properly assert your rights in a timely manner via the representation of a professional in the field of West Covina California Workers Compensation Lawyer.

What A Lawyer In West Covina Can Do For My Workers Compensation Case

A good attorney in the field of workers compensation can provide you with guidance on how best to pursue your case by applying extensive experience of the system to your unique situation. They will know what is possible to accomplish as well as the likelihood of certain outcomes. Throughout the claims process, you will have access to advice on what to do and how to plan for different contingencies and problems that will certainly arise. In the end, you will know that your claim was correctly administered by the insurance company and that you were able to move through the process and likely obtained the intended result of the law. Most important overall, a good work injury lawyer will give you a realistic understanding of what to expect and how to plan accordingly, in addition to being a good advocate for your case.

Good advocacy in the courtroom is an important trait to assess before hiring a lawyer to pursue a court case. This is why it is important to actually meet with the lawyer in person before signing any paperwork. This will allow the prospective client to truly assess the aptitude and demeanor of the actual attorney who will be representing you before the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board (or WCAB for short). Many large firms, you will not even see or meet the person who will be advocating for your rights or running your claim. While this does not mean that the law firm is incompetent, it does mean that there might be less accountability to the client for actions taken on their behalf.

Hire A West Covina Calfornia Work Injury Lawyer In Your Area

Alexander D. Napolin, Esq. is a local workmans comp. accident lawyer willing to speak with you over the phone about your case free of charge and without obligation to file a lawsuit. He offers over the phone consults and in person case evaluations when representation is offered. Don’t go without the professional legal advice that you need about your own unique circumstances. Mr. Napolin has literally seen thousands of workers compensation injury cases, and can apply his valuable experience and knowledge to your situation to better your understanding of your claim. If representation is needed, he will offer you a free case evaluation in his office to discuss what he believes he can accomplish on your behalf. Do not delay! Call him at 909-325-6032. For more information about Mr. Napolin, a West Covina California Workers Compensation Lawyer, visit his web address.