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Orange Ca. Automobile Crash Attorney Services

Orange Ca. Automobile Crash Attorney Services

Accidents happen in the blink of an eye yet cause serious consequences. Property damage leaves victims without their automobiles. Hopefully rental car coverage is in place to get the injured to and from doctor appointments, work and to other activities. If not, family members are the only ones left to step in and pick up the burden of transportation. Beyond property damage issues, physical injuries take their toll on the individual and their family. Nothing is more disruptive to a life than experiencing daily pain and serious injuries caused by a negligent driver. On top of it all, insurance company adjusters are of little help. They ignore phone calls, underpay on claims, and leave the victim and their family hanging for months without answers to important questions like “how much is my case worth?” “is there enough money to cover my medical bills” “will I ever get paid?” and “how do I go about proving my injuries and the value of my claim?”

Insurance Adjusters Do Not Help Accident Victims

During the aftermath of an automobile accident, things become confused for the injured and their family. All the questions mentioned above go unanswered. Inaction results and nothing gets done. This is the insurance adjusters job. Delay delay delay! Keep the victim and their family from taking the steps needed to properly present a personal injury claim to the jury. This saves the insurance carrier time, money and legal fees, allowing for greater profits. All the adjusters are trained to do it, no exceptions. While some claims examiners may seem nice to your face, that is tactic employed to gain the claimants trust only so that more time can go by. If you have been involved in an automobile crash and are looking for answers from the examiner, you are looking in the wrong place. They are not on your side. They don’t care about you or your family. The only concern is paying out less on the claim than it is worth in order to increase their bonus and the stock price of the insurance carrier. It is important to get a reputable and strong law firm on your side to get you the guidance you need and the representation necessary to move forward full strength.

Hiring an Orange Automobile Crash Law Firm For Advocacy

Orange Ca. Automobile Crash Attorney Services are not all the same. Some firms are not as good as others.¬†Getting The Napolin Law Firm on your side is a good first step following car crash. Napolin’s claims and litigation teams are top notch, with decades of experience fighting the insurance company. Starting from the first free phone call with Mr. Napolin or Ms. Lombardo will put your mind at ease when thinking about what to do about the future. All initial calls to 2230 West Chapman Avenue at 714-451-2006 are completely free of charge. So call now, learn your rights, talk to a lawyer TODAY!