West Covina Work Injury Lawyer

West Covina Work Injury Lawyer

California workers’ compensation law is found in the California Labor Code, California Code of Regulations and applicable case rulings. Lawyers who practice in the field of workers compensation know about the laws and how they are to be applied to an individuals work injury case. If you have suffered an accident at work or are having health problems that you attribute to your job, you should consider consulting with an attorney as soon as possible. Despite the fact that compensation and benefits are to be provided on a no-fault basis, obtaining them is often extremely difficult. The insurance company is in the business of cost containment, and the injured employee is the cost to be contained. This often occurs at the behest of the employee who needs the compensation and benefits to survive financially while they obtain needed medical treatments and time off of work.

You Have The Right To Hire A Work Injury Lawyer In West Covina

Having an advocate within the claims process can often make a case much more valuable. This is because having a lawyer will make the claim administration for the insurance carrier much more costly as the lawyer takes disputes to court and exercises all of the employees rights to second opinion doctors, med-legal evaluations and court appeals. Since the insurance companies usually value cost containment, higher settlements can be attained with the help of a law firm. In addition, the lawyer helping the injured party will be able to provide needed guidance and insight that will help the applicant make better decisions about how to proceed with their case taking into consideration its strengths, weaknesses and what the law says.

If you are on the search for a West Covina Work Injury Lawyer, call our law office at 909-325-6032 to speak directly to Alexander D. Napolin, Esq., a local advocate for the injured. He gives you his time for free over the phone. When representation is offered by Mr. Napolin, it is offered on a contingency fee at a mere 15% of total monetary recovery. This in essence means that you pay only if you recover money, and you only pay 15% of the money you recover as an attorney fee.

Know Your Rights In A California Work Injury Case

Those who search online will find a wealth of general information like the information provided on this website. Although this website is composed by a practicing California Work Injury Lawyer, it constitutes general legal information only. Only a practicing attorney can offer you real legal advice. That is why you need to call us today and get the advice that you most definitely need to make the best decision about how to pursue your potential lawsuit within the workers’ comp. system in California.

Some benefits you could be entitled to include the following:

  1. Medical Treatment To Cure Or Relieve Your Health Conditions
  2. Medical Care For Life For Your Industrial Injury
  3. Money To Compensation You For Permanent Disability (Impairment)
  4. Money To Replace Lost Wages (Temporary Disability Indemnity)
  5. Job Retraining Money To Be Used At Select Schools In California
  6. Reimbursement For Travel Expense To And From Medical Providers
  7. Reimbursement Of Out-Of-Pocket Medical Expenses

Now get on the phone and call us to see if we can help you get the above and in a greater amount! For more general information about the law, get it from a West Covina Work Injury Lawyer at calinjurylawyer.com, Alexander D. Napolin, Esq.


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