Lawyer In San Dimas For Workers Compensation Case

Lawyer In San Dimas For Workers Compensation Case

Have you sustained a work related accident injury in the course and scope of your employment duties in the State of California? If the answer is yes, call my law office to speak directly with me the attorney about your rights under California workers’ compensation laws. Every work injury scenario is unique and most people need a professional counselor and advocate to make it through the legal process successfully. Do not let too much time pass before getting the guidance and representation needed to successfully prosecute your case and receive what you are entitled to under state labor law.  Too often people wait and hope the insurance carrier treats them appropriately. Before long, many find themselves at odds with their adjuster for benefits and compensation that they need and are entitled to under the law. By waiting to get help, severe consequences can occur both medically and legally, causing the employee to lose procedural and substantive rights, and cause the case to lose monetary value. Don’t let this happen to you like it has happened to many others. Call my law office today at 909.325.6032 and ask to speak with me about your unique job accident injury case. I will speak with you TODAY for free to help you decide what to do, and if you need representation, I will evaluate your case to see if my services can be extended to help you through the claims process.

What Do Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Charge In California?

A lot of workers hesitate to call an attorney because they are afraid that the costs will outweigh the benefits that the lawyer can bring to their cause. This fear is completely unfounded. Those who hire lawyers in California only pay a contingency fee, meaning that the attorney fee is taken as a percentage of recovery (maximum 15% in most jurisdictions). If nothing in the form of money is recovered on the claim, then the employee never pays a cent for the representation. This makes it affordable for normal people to get the proper legal help when needed. The fees are awarded by the judge based upon the work provided on the the particular case. In many cases, having good representation leads to a significant increase in the value of the legal action. In the end, then, having to pay the 15% fee is not a problem whatsoever.

Is My Case Big Enough For Legal Representation?

You won’t know until you ask an attorney! This is why you need to take action and get on the phone with me today. I will share with you my insight about the relative size of your case and discuss with you the benefits and detriments of having a lawyer in the process. If you are looking for a Lawyer In San Dimas For Workers Compensation Case, I am a local representative who provides a consultation over the phone absolutely free of charge and obligation to you. Call me to discuss your work injury and find out if I can offer meaningful representation, counseling and advocacy to your cause. To learn more general information about California Workmans Comp. and about my practice philosophy, visit my main web address at

Will My Employer Discriminate Against Me If I Hire A Lawyer?

Many many people ask themselves what will happen in the event they hire an attorney to pursue legal action against their own employer’s workers comp. insurance company. While discrimination does occur out in the workplace for filing workers compensation and hiring proper representation, it should not deter one from seeking their rights under the law. It is highly illegal for your employer to discriminate against you for having an accident or health condition resulting from repetitive activities or an accident on the job. Working with an injury can cause it to worsen to the extent that continued employment might prove impossible. This is why it’s very important to call a local law office for attorney advice to determine your options and how to pursue your legal action. Only after speaking with a San Dimas California lawyer about your circumstances can you determine the right course of action to take regarding your case. Remember, unless you get help, you are at the mercy of your employer, their insurance company and your industrial injury.


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