Glendora California Workers Compensation Lawyer

Glendora California Workers Compensation Lawyer

Hurt at work/Injured on the Job? We can help you with a free consultation directly with a Glendora California Workers Compensation Lawyer. That’s right! We serve the community of Glendora from our local law office near the City. All consultations are without charge and come with no requirement that you hire us to pursue a work injury claim.

Get Legal Help As Soon As You Possibly Can

Work Comp Glendora CA
Work Comp Glendora CA

Do not hesitate to give our law firm a call immediately. Even minor injuries can turn into serious conditions unexpectedly. This means that you need to protect your rights at every turn, whether the injury is minor or severe. The only way to do so is to consult directly with a local California work injury lawyer to discuss your rights and how to proceed. Remember that the insurance carrier is not on your side. Most adjusters/claims examiners are directly to administer workers comp. benefits in a way that increases corporate profits and not the health/and wealth of injured employees in need. An advocate can stand up for you and take the burden of implementing the process off of your shoulders. In the meantime, you can better focus on recovery instead of worrying that you are not going to obtain what you are entitled to under the law. Some benefits that you could be in need of but not receiving include:

  1. Money paid bi-monthly at 2/3 of your gross average pay (up to a maximum) to keep you financially stable if you cannot work due to an industrial injury.
  2. Money paid to you at the end of the case to compensate you for a permanent health condition that reduces your ability to compete against other, healthier workers in the open labor market.
  3. Medical care NOW to cure or relieve the injury. Includes the right to select a second opinion doctor (PQME/AME), and the right to switch doctors within the insurance companies Medical Provider Network (MPN).
  4. Medicare treatment in the FUTURE to maintain your health from the effects of your on the job accident injury.
  5. Reimbursement for miles traveled to and from medical appointments, physical therapy and other procedures and treatment.
  6. Educational voucher for job retraining in the event the job injury inhibits your ability to perform you usual and customary occupation (and no permanent modified duty is available at your employer at roughly the same rate of pay).

Concern over receiving what you have a right to should be dealt with through hiring legal representation. Before you know whether you need a lawyer or whether an attorney can even help you, one must be consulted.

A Lawyer Is Not A Fix All, But It Sure Helps

Keep in mind that having a Glendora California workers compensation lawyer does not mean things are going to be smooth and timely. The legal process takes time and no matter how fast you or your attorney moves, there will be delays, some of them lengthy. The insurance lobby and California employers have been able to pass new laws that take back a significant amount of power regarding control of medical care and treatment for industrial injury claims. They have argued that the changes were economically necessary to continue to have a viable employment infrastructure within the State. While this might be true, it is certainly true that injured employees and their lawyers have less power to affect the case than every before. This is why it is imperative for those concerned about their rights and livelihood to consider hiring an attorney as early in the process as possible.

Give us a call to get a case evaluation to learn what we think and learn how we help injured workers like you get what they need out of the system. You can reach Alexander D. Napolin, Esq at 909/325-6032 and you will either speak with him right then and there, or you will receive a return phone call that very same day (or the next morning if you call after hours). Let a local representative who knows the workmans compensation system evaluate your claim to find out if we can advocate for you starting immediately! Glendora California Workers Compensation Lawyer.



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