Pomona California Workers Compensation Lawyer

Pomona California Workers Compensation Lawyer

The California workers compensation law system is complex. When a work accident happens, the employee is left to trust that the insurance adjuster will step up to the plate to provide the correct benefits to get the employee needed medical care and money to compensate for lost earning capacity. Trusting the adjuster blindly is usually a very poor choice to make in a workmans compensation claim. Why? Because the insurance company is consistently implementing procedures to contain costs of their claims. This means that the adjuster’s focus is probably on providing you less rather than more. This leads to a conflict of interest that can cause the employee to lose important benefits needed to recover and get their life back on track. Although having attorney help will not guarantee anything, it will greatly increase the odds of getting the most out of a very complex and litigious system. This is why most will turn to an experienced Pomona California work injury lawyer at some point in the claims process to advocate for them in a court of law.

Work Injury Lawyer in Pomona California

It is best to obtain proper representation as soon as possible after an accident has occurred. This is because early case management can significantly change the value of any given case. Why? Because the system is extremely rigid in that what happens at any given point, if adverse to the employee, can be extremely hard to change through corrective actions. So setting the stage for a successful claim is important. This can be done by a knowledgeable work injury lawyer in Pomona California. Some things that should be done right away are:

  1. Selecting the appropriate doctor
  2. Obtaining the appropriate referral to a specialist if needed
  3. Appeal of adverse determinations on utilization review denials
  4. Demand for temporary disability (TD) money
  5. Application to SDI if TD is not likely forthcoming due to claim denial
  6. Timely election for a PQME/second opinion to resolve disputes

There are a lot of other things that can be controlled early in the claim that are hard to overcome than what is listed above. To be sure you are protected, it is essential to set the stage. Not all lawyers are equal in this respect. Choose the one who you believe will be the most attentive to setting the stage rather than sitting back and litigating disputes at the end. Being one step ahead of the adjuster is an absolute must under the current climate

We Are A Step Ahead On Our Work Comp Cases

Our firm provides needed representation on a proactive basis rather than sitting back to litigate disputes that can be avoided through properly setting the stage of the claim. This maximizes value for the cases we handle. It also provides the potential for resolving things earlier, which is most often in the best interest of the applicant.

We offer completely obligation free phone conversation with an experienced Pomona California workers compensation lawyer. Calls are at no charge, and when we take on your case before the WCAB, you do not have to pay us anything unless we recover money via settlement or judgment. Call us at (909) 325-6032 to get right on the phone with a local attorney willing to talk to you about the specifics of your case and whether we might help you like we have so many others in the area.


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