Abuse Of Temporary Disability Benefits

Under California workers compensation law, the temporary disability benefit is provided to the injured worker as a form of wage replacement. It is supposed to keep that worker afloat financially while they recover from their work related injury. For many workers injured on the job, the temporary disability money is extremely important because the employee has little to no savings. In such situations, any lapse in that temporary disability money can cause extreme financial distress to the injured worker.

The insurance company will abuse the above scenario to their benefit. Many insurance adjusters will threaten to cut off temporary disability money should the employee push for more medical treatment or change doctors to a more applicant friendly doctor even when that doctor is within the insurance company’s medical provider network.  This tactic is often successful even though the insurance company will ultimately lose in court and be required to pay back the money with penalties. The mere threat of a gap in money is enough to pressure the injured employee to do just what the insurance adjuster wants.


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